All End of Life Doulas

Sabio Janiak

Certified Havening practitioner, the end of life doula, transformational coach, psycho sensory specialist, hypnotherapist, musician and multi-disciplinary holistic mental health practitioner. Since 2005, thanks to his unique skills, he visited and worked in more than

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Rowan Armstrong – Doula

I am passionate about helping and supporting you and your loved ones during this once in the life time experience. No one should make this final journey unsupported and I can be there to walk

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Sabrina Singh

Approaching end of life with light and meaning. As an End of Life Doula, I approach death holistically, helping support choices at end of life and giving you or your loved ones more control over care.  I provide practical and emotional support, lifting some of the burden

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Bronwen Allan

I specialise in supporting people looking to make the right kind of purpose-aligned changes, to navigate challenges well, and to find clarity.

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Catherine Lyon

I worked as a Registered General Nurse for 30+ years and trained as an End of life Doula with Soul Companions in 2019. During my working life I specialised in complex neurological conditions. In the

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