The following books can be listed

  • Being a good carer: an invaluable guide…. By Amanda WARING
  • Caring for the dying: the doula approach to meaningful death  by Henry Fersko- Weiss
  • Final Journeys by Maggie Callanan
  • Finding Meaning by David Kessler
  • Harmony: a new way at looking at our world  By HRH Prince Charles et al,
  • Being with dying – Joan Fairfax
  • Life after Life  by Raymond Moody
  • Option B : Facing Adversity, building resistance and finding Joy by Sheryl Sandberg & Adam Grant
  • Radical Acts of Love  by Janie Brown
  • Resilient Grieving by Lucy Hone
  • The Carers Bible – by Amanda Waring
  • The Heart of Care by Amanda Waring
  • The Soul Midwives Handbook- Felicity Warner
  • Think like a tree : the natural principles guide to life by Sarah Spencer
  • We all know how this ends: lessons about life and living from working with death and dying. Anna Lyons & Louise Winter
  • When breath becomes air  by Paul Kalanithi